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  Dongguan ZhongKe Electric Co.,Ltd. Is a comprehensive modern enterprise specializing in the production, design,production,sales and service of transformers,voltage regulationgs,reactors and other related electrical products.
The company has a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can design and manufacture the most suitable transformers and related products for different customers’ needs.
The company’s “CNGZK”brand of various products,for a long time with its strong technical force,complete testing equipment,reliable product quality,reasonable cost performance and perfect after-sales service in the country’s markets,for the provision of electrical services in China Excellent performance,safe and reliable products.
The company takes the team with the spirit of ZhongKe,business wisdom and win-win cooperation as its core competitiveness,adheres to the development path of scale of operation,scientific management and internationnalization of brand;adheres to the market-oriented,quality-oriented ,technology-driven and the business philosophy of benefit-oriented; guided by a unque corporate culture;adheres to the development policy of integration and systemization of the design,manufacturing,sales ,continuously practices,summarizes,reflects and improves in actual projecets,and createes projects that satisfy users.
Facing the new century full of challenges and opportunities,Zhongke people will continue to improve and surpass themselves,adhering to the quality concept of “product is character,quality is life “ and “quality and service is above everything else”, and is committed to the development of the wholeheartedly and fully strive to build “CNGZK” into a more specialized, more refined and stronger electrical in the industry.



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